Born 1985, Lives in Los Angeles, CA

Artist Statement

My paintings are a vibrant and soulful exploration of spiritual and nature-based themes. With richly,
colored layers of mixed media that hover somewhere between the abstract and representational,
I create an immersive visual experience that breathes life into imagined worlds.

Berto is an American artist living and working in Santa Monica, California. At the age of 38, he has
met the challenges of young adulthood and developed the skills that support his vision, which includes
a deep appreciation of nature’s intricate patterns and a love of vivid color. As a child, Berto’s
art teachers recognized his talent and gave him the freedom to thrive at artmaking. 

Berto has always been an artist and enjoyed making art, which subsequently has made him flourish in other creative endeavors. An ideas man, he has delved into creative stands such as acting, directing, and writing for commercials. Which has led him to travel substantially throughout the world. Additionally, setting up home in culturally vibrant cities such as Athens, Canggu, Hamburg, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York City and Paris. Always, it’s his artistry that fuels his successes. Originality informed by his ability for diverse thinking which is implemented irrespective of the circumstance for the creative endeavors.   

Furthermore, he has followed spectacular surf opportunities around the globe. Since childhood, he’s been a devout surfer. An integral side of him that also caters to his need to be free is underlined with focus and clear intent.  You’ll find his murals in many countries around the world… Australia, Bali, Costa Rica, Indonesia, New Zealand and Senegal. His large site-specific works are also in many cities throughout the United States.  Currently, his works are in private collections and will have international exhibitions in the coming years


 Berto Solo Exhibition, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, Georgia
 Salon Style, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, Georgia
Observational Abstractions, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA
Salon Style, TEW Galleries, Atlanta, GA
Reflections Art Show
Show Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Centerline, Seattle, Washington
Sutivan Elementary School, Brac , Croatia

Commercial Bay, Auckland, New Zealand
Michron, Irvine, California

Hopper Lofts, Richmond, Virginia
Art House, West Adams, Los Angeles, California
Osa Cladestina, Matapalo, Costa Rico

Nadeau, West Hollywood, California
Goods Market, New York, New York

ROW DTLA, Los Angeles, California
Goods Market, Silver Lake, Los Angeles, California

Broadway and Electric, Venice Beach, California
Second Harvest Event, Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn, New York
The Factory, Long Island City, Queens, New York
N’gor Island, Dekar, Senegal

McCarren Hotel, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York
Lincoln and Ocean, Venice Beach, California
Loosie Rouge, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, New York

Broadway Wine and Spirits, Santa Monica, California
The Other Room, Venice Beach, California

Porch and Parlor, Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia