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Kimo Minton  


Timothy Tew interviews Kimo Minton 


Wood sculpture & polychrome woodcut panels 

 August 25 through September 22, 2017


Kimo Minton returns to TEW with his exhibition titled Scherzo featuring polychrome woodcut panels and sculpture.  His application of color on the sculptures crafted in mahogany, alder and pear woods, is the first time in several years. This new body of sculptures draws not only on the natural wood itself for color and nuance but, with added paint in bold color, renders strong abstract shapes and a sense of stark, but playful authenticity and simplicity. The sculptural decoration stands in sharp contrast to the woodcuts, which are much more complexly carved, etched and painted, fully embodying the intricacy and verve of the jazz riffs and musical compositions that inspired them.  

As always, Minton’s works form a powerful ethnographic commentary as he draws on woodcut techniques that have been in use for centuries and translates them into highly personal visual narratives. Minton scores, gouges, cuts and sands, to create sensual painted surfaces that overlay the ‘bones’ of the carving beneath. These works, while abstract in nature, are deeply rooted in the human condition with shapes redolent of nature as well the heroic humanoid forms of his prior work.  read Kimo's biography & CV