Dave Gastineau


Dave Gastineau is an Atlanta, GA based fine art photographer.  He received his BFA in

 Photography from The Art Institute of Atlanta in 2006.  Dave specializes in traditional analog black and

 white and alternative processes; he will occasionally use digital cameras when the need arises.  He also

 enjoys painting abstract compositions and is now exploring these techniques in his art.  Having always

 been a photographer, painting is a new way for him to exercise his creative process.

During his studies, He fell in love with Alternative Photographic Processes.  The techniques used

in his alternative processes create one-of-a-kind prints, these images can never be made the exact same

 way again making them truly unique.  He enjoys the challenge of these techniques to successfully have

 somewhat controllable results.  But, much of the beauty is in never knowing exactly how each print will

 turn out.  He finds surrendering to the process and letting the elements dictate the outcome quite

invigorating.  After working for many years in Photography, he still finds the most joy in producing

 these “Camera-less Photography” prints.

For his black and white work, Dave strives to push film to its limits to unveil the capabilities

 within.  He uses multiple exposures as a way to create a window into another reality.  By layering

 exposures onto film, he is able to create another dimension and make one question the reality of a two

 dimensional medium.  Dave is constantly driven to be creative and finds inspiration everywhere, which

 is reflected in the variety of images he creates.



2006                      Art Institute of Atlanta - BFA in Photography




2021       “The Photo Fence Juried Exhibition” Cat Eye Creative, Atlanta, GA

2021       “Heat Waves Juried Exhibition” North Park Gallery, Marietta, GA