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The Art Resale Show

Dealine for Submission is June 26

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2017 marks 30 years in business for TEW Galleries and during this time a great deal has changed, including much that affects art that is made today and how we decorate our homes.  Who would have foreseen that today’s younger generations would have almost no appreciation for traditional art and antiques?  But the truth is, fashion has always affected the fine art market.  For instance, Caravaggio was so far out of fashion that he was barely known until his rediscovery in the 19th century and a Basquiat painting, which sold for a few thousand dollars in the early 1980s, just sold for over 100 million.  With so much to consider, the only sound advice for art buyers is to work with reputable dealers, buy what you love and love what you buy, because art as a liquid investment requires having your very own crystal ball. 

Another change affecting the art market is downsizing, and with some of our clients dating back to 1987, they are questioning what to do with the art they bought but can no longer use.  Because we’ve been offered the opportunity to resell two very large Stephanus Heidacker paintings from Bacchanalia restaurant that cannot go into their new location, we’ve decided to once again organize a resale show.  However, in a change from the last, this one will be limited to only art works by artists TEW Galleries currently represents.  In addition, we will give priority to pieces that haven’t been on the market in a long time, thus giving collectors a greater opportunity to recoup their costs and in some instances make a profit. 

We would especially like to consider paintings by Jean de Botton (1898-1978)  for resale, so if you, or someone you know, has one or more, please pass this information along.  Please note: we will charge a full commission on any resale and you will be responsible for delivering the art to the gallery and picking it up if it doesn’t sell.  Finally, our selections will be limited by space and based on what we believe the market will be receptive to at present. 

We are tentatively planning this event for the summer of 2017, however the show will not be finalized or scheduled until we see what options we come up with, so please do not delay in sending us your submissions as the window of opportunity is short.  

Sincerely,  Timothy Tew

How to submit     

Deadline for Submitting art for resale is June 26.

The date of the show has not been established.  We will decide on this once we know what kind of work is available. 



Stephanus Heidacker "The Art of Forgetting”, 79” x 64”, 1993
from Bacchanalia Restaurant