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Video Gallery


Timothy Tew Explains the Hunt Slonem phenomeon - 2017




Jean Glenn and Olena Zvyagintseva - 2017



Timothy Tew announces a limited run, pop-up show featuring the animal paintings of David Nielsen and the bronze and steel sculptures of John Barandon.  2017   




"Thirty Years and Overlooked Favorites"  A special event featuring Timothy's, Jules' and Corky's favorite artworks from our current inventory.   2017




Art History, Rimi Yang and Yasharel Manzy - 2016




"The Painted Figure" featuring Paul Fenniak, Charles Keiger, Dorian Vallejo and Mario Soria - 2016




Haidee Becker and Isabelle Melchior - 2016




An Interview with Jean Glenn and Timothy Tew - 2011




Charles Keiger "The Good Stuff" with Timothy Tew - 2010




Isabelle Melchior and the Bohemian Life in Paris with Timothy Tew - 2010