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August 8 - September 5



A Group Show: Maxey Andress, Chuck Bowdish, Arless Day, Serhiy Hai, Stewart Helm, Emil Robinson, Sarah Wolfe, Olena Zvyagintseva























Chuck Bowdish

























Serhiy Hai



Works on Paper: Group Exhibition

Opens August 8th: Through September 5, 2014

Works on Paper at TEW Galleries features works by eight artists: Maxey Andress, Chuck Bowdish, Arless Day, Serhiy Hai, Stewart Helm, Sarah Wolfe, Emil Robinson and Olena Zvyagintseva will all have several works on show. (Selected works by several other artists in addition to those featured may hang in the exhibition.)

Both artists and viewers experience works on paper differently than they do more tactile mediums. There is a level of intimacy about work on paper; an expressiveness and immediacy which is difficult, if not impossible, to reproduce in ‘slower’ paint mediums. The physicality of working on paper is different – it is closer, less edited or re-worked and happenstance is embraced. Of course, this statement doesn’t apply to tightly handled works which emphasize technique or subject, but the contradictions highlight the wonder of works on paper. Like stumbling across an intimate diary which gives insight into the secret yearnings of the soul, drawings give a firsthand sense of the artist in the moment of creation and allow the viewer to sense in a very tangible way, the explorations of the hand that created the piece.

Maxey Andress is an Atlanta artist whose abstractions are a tour de force of perfectly controlled handling of medium and mark. This is work for the collector who appreciates technical excellence and the artist’s understanding of shape and color transformed into complex relationships and subtle interactions.

Chuck Bowdish, in contrast, presents a series of works that reflect upon human condition. His collage drawings consist of bold figural statements played out in a strange and highly staged tableau of juxtaposed items, buildings and figures. Bowdish layers and joins paper; “piecing” the works together in a seemingly casual way, often culling sections of different drawings and re-configuring them. His use of brush, pen and ink, combines loose drawing, bold and quick cross hatch or stipple and areas flooded with dense black paint, creating a tension within the drawing that counterbalances the gentle characterization of the figures.

Arless Day works in acrylic over a tiled collage of photographic constructions. His pieces relate more to painting than drawing and consist of an idealized construction/deconstruction of interior scenes complete with intimate personal details; a family dog, musical instruments or the view from a window. Rather than present a realistic representation of space he abstracts it by simultaneously combining several different viewpoints.

Serhiy Hai: A well-known Ukrainian painter, Hai again embraces his ongoing interest in the human figure with this series of studies in ink and pastel. There is no doubt that his grasp of human form is singular as he quickly render these monochromatic sketches that so elegantly define the models he works with. The sure application of ink wash, instinctive and lyrical marks and a tangible sense of personality are so descriptive that the viewer has no doubt that the resulting sketches are made from life models.

Stewart Helm: Exotic and delicately rendered landscape sketches made by Helm while travelling in Spain, Argentina and Italy, embrace the simple forms and organic line that he is best known for. These small works, however, are simply lush with resplendent color that give them a vibrancy that holds up against far larger pieces. They have all of the allure of heady spices in oranges and saffron, burgundy and emerald.

Sarah Wolfe: An accomplished oil painter and draughtsman, Wolfe brings a classical sensibility to her works on paper. In her current series of pastel on paper ‘portraits’ the artist’s imaginings transcend both time and personality to become almost mythically beautiful. Delicately proportioned and exquisitely worked, her pieces make use of subtle texture, line work and shading, to almost romantic effect. 

Emil Robinson: New to TEW Galleries, Robinson’s pastel on paper figurative works reflect an entirely contemporary viewpoint and approach. His slice-of-life vignettes capture women in situations we might all be familiar with in some way; a standing nude, her back to the artist and a knee resting on a chair with the surrounding environment given reference by a few decisive marks, or a reclining woman gazing boldly off the paper, her upper body and face descriptively rendered while her lower body is described as mere compositional elements by a sweeping mark or two. It is Robinson’s ability to combine bold mark making with areas of tightly rendered detail that imbues his work with great energy and timely relevance. 

Olena Zvyagintseva: TEW has been exhibiting Zvyagintseva’s oil paintings for more than a decade and more recently her pastel and gouache on paper preparatory drawings and sketches. The artist uses her works on paper to explore Ukrainian village life around her and they form an archive of simple daily activities. This most recent body of work distils these simple scenes into an almost primitive motif by using strong color and marks to render forms quite simply.  


Opening reception: 6.00 – 9.00 p.m. Friday August 8th, 2014