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Salon Style 

Opening Friday, July 14
6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Continues through August 12




Today, with our preference for contemporary interiors with lots of windows, a few large walls, and our short attention spans, we like to make strong, eye catching statements.  Thus we tend to hang a single dominant piece of art on a wall and think we’re done with decorating.  However, the global speedup is causing us to get bored more and more quickly.  For people who love art and use their homes as a medium of self expression, this means continuing to collect art and finding ways to integrate it with what they already own is important. 

There is certainly nothing wrong with a large, impactful painting and some artists require big formats to express their visions.  However, if you want to diversify your collection, mix in other styles, mediums, periods and sizes, and give your home a personality unlike any other, you should consider Salon Style hanging.  Salon Style will also relieve you of some of the worry about where you are going to put something new. 

In the late 17th century, the Academy of Painting and Sculpture in Paris wanted to hang its students’ artwork in a way that would allow the public to see as much as possible in order to compare.  Thus it was displayed chock-a-block, floor to the ceiling and very close together.  Over time, this became known as Salon Style.  By the mid 19th century, it had evolved and art was stacked closer to eye level so that viewers neither had to crane or bend down to see.   

Salon Style worked really well because during these periods artists worked in a uniform manner and what differentiated one painter or sculptor from the next was extremely subtle.  But we left artistic homogeneity behind at the end of the 19th century and by the time World War I was over, modern art was on the rise.  In order to accommodate its diversity, galleries began displaying art at eye level, in a row and well spaced out so that the viewer could concentrate on one piece at a time.  Today, we are in another new era and in our search for greater individuality we mix things together that previous generations would have considered preposterous.  This includes the art we put on our walls.    

To show you new ways to display your art, create more stimulating living environments and make collecting more diverse, TEW Galleries is pleased to present Salon Style in our first and second floor galleries.  It will feature artworks in all sizes by artists TEW Galleries represents and in various media.  It will also point out connections between artists and styles that you may have never considered.  

Please join us for Salon Style, Friday, July 14 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m.