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2016 Exhibition Calendar

December 2 - January 6

Rimi Yang  &  Yasharel Manzy

Rimi Yang


Yasharel Manzy


“A Play on Color & an Exploration of Joy”

Rimi Yang & Yasharel Manzy – New Paintings

Opens December 2nd 6.00 – 9.00 p.m. On show through January 6th, 2017

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Entrance to the gallery is free:


The December 2016 show at TEW Galleries brings together two artists whose vision, while very different, shares a verve for life and a love of nature – not to mention a love of paint and the art of painting.


Rimi Yang was born in South Korea, grew up in Japan, and has spent most of her adult years in California. As a result, she has a world view that encompasses several heritages, vastly different cultures and a view of history that sees the world from both a far eastern and a traditional western perspective. 

All these disparate experiences have resulted in an artist who is not afraid to ‘borrow’ cultural imagery or social icons and morph them into the context of her work. You are just as likely to see a very personal re-translation of a historically important work by the English painter Thomas Gainsborough as you are to see a Japanese Geisha on a flaming red canvas. 

In every case, Rimi Yang brings a sense of cultural intelligence and personal daring to her work by using bold brush work and great slaps and slabs of paint to illustrate her subjects and to bring them squarely into a contemporary genre. Whether she is painting contemporary friends, historical personages or portraits and tableaus of antique cultures, the paintings are filled with poetic resonance and artistic energy.

Rimi Yang began exhibiting her paintings in 1987 and since then has shown her work in major centers in North America, Europe and Asia.  Since 2005 she has had fourteen (14) solo exhibitions in the United States, Canada, London (England), Copenhagen (Denmark), Edinburgh (Scotland), Dublin (Ireland) and Shanghai, China.


Yasharel Manzy unveils new works that he has produced during his recent studio sojourn of just over a year. These new paintings are filled with vigor, energy and a sense of search; of going beyond the obvious limitations of landscape painting to explore paint and color with increasing focus. 

While his work retains the feeling of place and radiant light that has become a Yasharel signature, these new paintings have a greater autonomy. They have gained strength and independence so that the physicality of ‘place’ is transmuted into works that become as much about the act of painting and color sensations as about any particular scene, location, or country.  Yasharel’s work employs vibrant color, sinuous line and bold applications of paint to create luxuriant textures from which compositional elements emerge and light transforms to become color itself.

This love of color has a basis in Yasharel’s early life as he grew up in the ancient Jewish sector of the city of Isfahan, known world-wide for its production of sumptuous and vibrant Persian rugs. As a child he had always had an interest in the arts but took a more practical path after immigrating to America in the 1960’s.  He finally became a full time artist in his early middle age - quite late for establishing a new career - but the childhood experiences of life and color had stayed with him so he was ready to embrace this new expressive medium.

It was a trip to the Louvre in Paris, France in the winter of 1990 that set Yasharel off on his new path. As he was strolling through a gallery a painting of a French scene stole his eye. “There I was, glued to the floor, and then moments later I was overwhelmed by this intense emotion. That afternoon, in Paris, I found myself at my personal crossroad and I decided to change my life.”

Over the past twenty five years Yasharel Manzy has become one of the premier artists working in the South East. He has been exhibiting at TEW galleries for the past eleven years.