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January 27 - February 17

We start off our 30th Anniversary Year with an exhibition of

"Overlooked Favorites" 

selected by Timothy Tew, Jules Bekker and Corky Davis
from our current inventory.


Jules Bekker - Gallery Director



February 24

A Limited Run, Pop-Up show

featuring  John Barandon - bronze and steel sculpture





















March 24 - April 21

Olena Zvyagintseva

Jean Glenn






Spring 2017:  Jean Glenn: Olena Zvyagintseva

Opens March 24:  Through April 24, 2017

TEW Galleries’ first spring season exhibition features works by Atlanta artist, Jean Glenn and Olena Zvyagintseva, a Ukrainian artist that the gallery has represented for seventeen years.

Olena Zviagintseva:  This Ukrainian artist lived and studied in the city of Kiev but now spends much of her time at the family cottage in the country. This city-country life creates a unified sense of sophistication and simplicity in her work and this particular body of paintings, with a renewed focus on the figure in landscape, marks both a departure from her earlier work and a return to a more classical vernacular. Her still life paintings are often quite rustic and the one piece in this show is no exception to the charm of earlier works—simple, spiky field gathered flowers against a rough textured wall. The paint quality is lush, with loosely applied marks and rich swathes of color.  Zvyagintseva’s elegant figurative works however have taken on a new level of sophistication. She still paints the festivals and carnivals so dear to her culture, but the paintings that deal with life in the country are those that have grown in depth and content. The works are filled with a deep sense of dreamlike nostalgia and create both an emotional and intellectual connection with the viewer. Color is more muted and delicate than in previous shows and surfaces are worked with both wet and dry brush techniques to create contrasting textural modulations that range from a choppy, almost cubist surface applied with a square tipped brush, to heavy impasto applied with a palette knife. Her grasp of figures is undoubtedly virtuoso but it is the landscape – abstract, sketchy and beautifully seen – that is really breathtaking and makes the experience of viewing these works all the more rich.  


Atlanta native, Jean Glenn’s polychrome abstract paintings are reminiscent of densely populated urban or cellular environments. Her tightly woven marks and complex color combinations form into surfaces both highly detailed & painterly. The viewer’s relationship to these paintings becomes increasingly intense as, on closer approach, the surfaces draw the eye in to an ever tighter contemplation of the work. As always, Glenn’s works are filled with color, verve and energy, but this show has proven a departure from her typically tightly controlled approach with the introduction of moments of happenstance – a random spattering of inks or paint on the surface, for instance, and the introduction of contrasting shapes and pattern structures. Paintings range in size from small to very large but all, no matter the dimensions, have an underlying effect of visual monumentality that comes together to  create a fascinating and impressive body of work.



May 5 - June 2

Hunt Slonem