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2016 Exhibition Calendar


September 9 - October 8

Corky Davis' 20th Anniversary


Isabelle Melchior & Haidee Becker 



Isabelle Melchior


Haidee Becker


 “Almost a Lifetime”

Haidee Becker & Isabelle Melchior

Paintings and Works on Paper

September 9th through October 15th, 2016

The September show at TEW Galleries brings together two artists who have not shared an exhibition billing for many years and a reason to celebrate, as Corky Davis, the long-time gallery sales director celebrates his 20th year at the gallery.

Isabelle Melchior was the artist whose work first inspired Timothy Tew to open Galerie Timothy Tew in 1988 and both she and Haidee Becker played significant roles in the gallery’s success and reputation for carrying work by a group of strong international artists.

 Isabelle Melchior is French and divides her time between Paris, where she lives and has a studio, and a country home in Jacqueville, surrounded by bucolic scenery of orchards, farmland and a nearby pond, all of which find their way into her work when she is there; typically in spring and summer. Melchior’s association with Timothy Tew began when, as a young artist, she was enjoying the subsequent success generated by being named winner of the Prix de dessin David Weil in 1978 and, close on the heels of that honor, becoming an International recipient of the Prix de Rome (Academie de France in Rome, Italy) in 1980, for both drawing and sculpture categories. Their relationship began as one of friendship and a mutual love and admiration of the arts and thirty years later, despite the admixture of business into the equation, has remained much as it began.

Isabelle Melchior will be exhibiting her complex and densely marked abstract figurative oil paintings as well as still life, in oil on linen and loosely drawn landscape impressions in pastel on paper. Several of her sculptural works in bronze and ceramic will also be featured.


Haidee Becker is an American, born in Los Angeles in 1950, who was raised in Rome, Italy and Vienna, Austria, as a child and has lived in England since 1966. Becker is best known as a still life painter and contemporary portraitist (she has work in the collection on the National Portrait Gallery, London), with a lush, but minimalist style that still maintains a looseness and freshness that reflects the life within the subject, whatever it may be. Her work is often surprising in that nothing is arbitrary, or overstated, and yet it has an innate sense of importance no matter the scale of the piece - even a quite small and intimate painting reflects the same degree of visual monumentality that a much larger work has. For this reason, Becker’s paintings always “own” the space they inhabit in a way that few artists can match. Bekker had her first show at TEW in 1992 and her work has remained a staple in the gallery ever since.

Old and new friends are invited to attend this show to get to meet the artists and, of course, Corky Davis whose personable charm has resulted in so much long-term support by art lovers and collectors.



October 21 - November 18

Charles Keiger
Mario Soria

Paul Fenniak & Dorian Vallejo

Charles Keiger


Paul Fenniak



Rimi Yang
Yasharel Manzy

Rimi Yang


Yasharel Manzy