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2016 Exhibition Calendar

October 21 - November 18

Featuring:  Paul Fenniak  -  Charles Keiger  -  Mario Soria   -  Dorian Vallejo

Paul Fenniak


Charles Keiger


 Mario Soria



Dorian Vallejo


“The Painted Figure”

Paul Fenniak, Charles Keiger, Mario Soria & Dorian Vallejo

Opens October 21st 6.00 – 9.00 p.m. On show through November 19th, 2016


Born in Toronto, Canada, in 1965 the painter Paul Fenniak will be showing for the first time in Atlanta at TEW Galleries. Fenniak, who had his first New York City exhibition in 1997 has subsequently gained considerable notice for his work; winning several notable awards and more recently gaining museum shows.  In 2000 his work was shown in a traveling exhibition organized by two Canadian museums, he has additionally been a part of several museum exhibitions across the United States, including “Old New Masters” (2006), at the Naples Museum of Art in Florida and most recently, in 2016, in an exhibition titled “Truth and Vision: 21st Century Realism” at the Delaware Art Museum.

Paul Fenniak’s captivating narrative paintings walk a delicate line between realism and fantasy.  They are immediately relatable and yet evoke feelings of intangibility. The viewer is fed just enough information to be drawn into Fenniak’s world, but not enough to be subsumed by it. Instead the paintings leave one grappling for the threads that are thrown, like gossamer lifelines, to set up the mystery, but not quite open the door. Each piece gives just enough information to make the possible narrative irresistible, but the viewer is left to flesh out the end-story surrounding that image on their own.  Ken Johnson, an art critic writing for the New York Times stated that “…there is a genuinely haunting, cinematic monumentality.  It reminds one that the narrative as well as painterly possibilities of traditional, figurative representation, are still far from exhausted.”

Charles Keiger was born in Asheville, North Carolina and now resides in Atlanta. His paintings have consistently been shown in galleries throughout the United States and he has been represented by TEW Galleries since 1990.  

Keiger’s works have a sense of magical realism that reflects lightly and very perceptively upon human condition. His intensely detailed paintings reflect figural statements played out in a strange and highly staged juxtaposition of elements, landscape, animals, buildings and figures. They are layered with imagery that builds a narrative in a seemingly effortless way. The work is playful and kindly, but not childlike; it encourages the viewer to dig deep to discover personal viewpoints and meaning for the symbols presented. Keiger’s immaculate, tight and restrained technique is both lush and satisfying, creating a tension within the representation that counterbalances the gentle characterization of the figures.

Mario Soria:  A highly respected Spanish artist, Soria has an ongoing interest in the human condition, history, science and biology. His tight technique is incomparable and his works are obsessively detailed and highly imaginative. His paintings often combine themes of history and fantasy; complete with added elements such as floating fish, space vehicles, swimming turtles and flying baby carriages as well as items appropriated from popular cartoon culture. No shrinking violet, tiny, intensely detailed paintings are playfully framed in fantastically conceptualized surrounds – gilt palaces to the magnificently kitsch; playful, extravagant and baroque. In contrast to his immaculately rendered paintings, Soria’s works on paper employ both tight drawing and loose gestural marks. While the subject matter is playful, or at times satirical, the quality of these works leaves the viewer in no doubt of the time and expertise involved. 

Dorian Vallejo could be said to paint fantasy as well, but his pieces are of an entirely different philosophical bent; as they are dreamy, romantic and idealistic in a way that sets them apart from the other three artists on show. Vallejo paints women, or rather, an iconic female entity whose grand scale and sheer beauty renders her almost mythological. Into this narrow field of perfection Vallejo adds a further layer of virtuoso skill in his rendering of filmy airborne fabric or, as in the case of his painting “Awakening,” in which a sleeping girl awakens into a dream; in the delicately nuanced and exquisitely painted mind-scape around her.  Vallejo’s works on paper are equally beautiful renditions of sleeping figures but are also somehow more substantial, as they combine academically perfect drawing technique with strips of paper collage and looser, more intuitive marks to give the pieces a complex and energized surface that borders on abstraction.


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